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Saying goodbye your way

Helping the bereaved to say goodbye, your way

Funeral ceremonies

Memorial ceremonies

Ceremonies for scattering ashes

Committed to helping the bereaved to create a ceremony which is right for you  and the person you have lost.   

A professionally trained and qualified celebrant working in Berkshire, South Oxfordshire and further afield when required.

Respecting individual views and beliefs, I will compose and conduct an appropriate and imaginative ceremony, whether a for funeral, memorial ceremony or scattering ashes.   

A funeral or memorial ceremony should be as unique as the person it celebrates and is an early part of the grieving process, it is an important moment for those who are left to have an opportunity to celebrate and remember.

While it is always helpful to know what the person would like have wished for  their funeral, the entire ceremony doesn’t need to be organised a long way ahead. Its always good to leave some space for those who are left to include words and music which help them to remember and to celebrate the life of the person they have lost.  After all funerals are about the living too!

Most funeral ceremonies are held in places of worship or in crematoria but they don’t have to be.  There are no legal restrictions on where a funeral ceremony can be held.  You could have the ceremony in a pub, village hall or hotel, at home, in a yurt or in your garden.  

If you don’t have the ceremony in a place of worship you can still have  hymns, prayers or bible readings if you wish.

If you have been bereaved during the period of covid restrictions and would like to hold a memorial ceremony, Anne would be happy to help you create a ceremony

or a short memorial piece to be spoken during a social gathering.

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